La Petite Menu
(For Age 12 and under - Include all benefits of our classic Pedicure and Manicure)
La Petite Pedicure $22
La Petite Manicure $12
Gel Nails
Color Gel Nail with Cuticle Trim $33
Color Gel Nail with Classic Manicure $38
Color Gel Nail with Royal Manicure $45
French Gel Nail with Classic Manicure $43
Dipping Powder
Dipping Powder $40
French Dipping Powder $45
Dipping Powder with Class Manicure $48
Dipping Powder with Royal Manicure $55

We charge extra for special shapes, long extended nails, designs

French/American $5
Nail Design $5 and up
Nail Repair $3 and up
Nail Polish Change $10
Toe Polish Change $12
Nail Removal $10
Nail Enhancement
Acrylic Full Set $40
Acrylic Fill $25+
White tip Full set with gel $40
Solar Pink&White Full set w/Gel $45
Royal Solar Pink/White Full set w/gel $55
Solar Pink&White Fill $35
Royal Solar Pink&White Fill $45
Solar Pink&Color Fill $39
Pink Filled only $30
Glossy Gel $5
Color Gel $20